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Posted 6-23-2011

Sideline Patrol

During the second half of a high school basketball game, a player on a fast break drove to the basket, made a nice lay-up, and crashed into a cameraman who was standing on the end line, directly under the hoop.  As the media member fell, his camera struck and seriously injured the player’s head. 

The athlete’s family sued the cameraman, whose employer quickly settled out of court.  The family could have also sued the school.

The incident raised several questions.  Should the cameraman have been allowed under the basket?  Is it the school’s responsibility to decide who stands where at sporting events?  Does the rule book address the issue of unobstructed space under the basket?

Most importantly:  should someone be thinking about issues in safety beyond the playing area? 

By Dr. Richard P. Borkowski

Athletic Management Magazine – February/March 2011

As we start the school year and fall athletic activities, I want to stress the importance of athlete and spectator safety during competition.  Starting this year with our updated football and track facility, we now have grandstands which are available to spectators to watch the game from a great view.  The upgraded facility also has fencing in place to act as a caution line in which spectators can stay behind.  The new field surface has boundary lines in which photographers and other field authorized personal can stand behind. 

Player and spectator safety is a never-ending process.  All problems cannot be anticipated or prevented.  But the more we discuss our plans, recognize potential issues, and cares about people, the fewer injuries there will be. 

Please take into account this important issue and help the school administration in providing a safe athletic environment for our athletes. 

Thank you, Elmer Porter

ECSD Activities Director