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Non-Discrimination Policy

Eureka County School District (“the school district”) does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the education program and activity it operates. The school district is required by Title IX not to discriminate in such a manner. The requirement not to discriminate in the school district’s program or activity extends to employment.

The school district’s Title IX Coordinator is: Devanie Etchegaray – Personnel Officer Eureka County School District 660 Matthew Street Eureka, NV 89316 775-237-5373 [email protected].

Inquiries about the application of Title IX to the school district may be referred to the school district’s Title IX Coordinator, or to the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Ave., S.W., Washington, D.C. 20202, or both.

ECSD Title IX Training Sessions - 2020

Provided by Bricker & Eckler LLP

Level 1: General Title IX Training for all K-12 Staff Members

Level 2: K-12 Title IX informal resolution facilitator training

Level 2: K-12 Title IX decision-maker training

Level 2: K-12 Title IX investigator training

Level 2: K-12 Title IX coordinator/administrator training

Level 2: K-12 Title IX decision-maker training