Employment Benefits

Salary and General Benefits Package

The Eureka County School District is proud of the fact that its salary ranks first among Nevada's school districts for entry-level positions.  For the 2018-19 school year, the salary schedule ranges from $54,528 to $99,673 based on education and experience, in return for 151 days of service.  The district is currently on a 4 day school work week. The district pays 100% of the health, vision, and dental insurance premiums for their employees.  The district offers 15 days of PTO and has a sick leave accrual system. Additionally, the district contributes 28% of the employee's annual salary to the Public Employees Retirement System.  Certified & Classified personnel are covered by a collective bargaining agreement.  All salary and benefits are subject to change pursuant to the collective bargaining process.

2015-2018 Certified & Classified Salary Schedules and Contracts


The district owns several, well-maintained housing units which are made available for rent to new staff members for a two year period.

Curriculum and Academics

The District's schools boast a progressive curriculum and are actively integrating technology into the classrooms.  Our schools are maintaining a remarkable, 15:1 student/teacher ratio.  Our Community Schools program currently offers courses in which students of all ages can earn college credit.  Eureka County High School has earned Congressional recognition as well as exemplary status from our accrediting body.   Both Eureka Elementary School and Crescent Valley Elementary School have been designated as high achieving schools.  Coupled with outstanding academic offerings and a strong community educational environment, the District has a very high percentage of graduating seniors who go on to post-secondary education.

About the Community of Eureka.....

Eureka is a prosperous, outdoor-orientated community of approximately one thousand five hundred residents.  The economy is based primarily upon ranching, farming, mining and support businesses.  We are centrally located in the Great State of Nevada, roughly equidistant from Reno and Las Vegas and about two hours from Elko.

Visit the Eureka County web site at http://www.co.eureka.nv.us/ for more information about Eureka and Eureka County.