After School Program

Mission Statement

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program at Eureka Elementary School, Eureka County High School, Crescent Valley Elementary School, and Duckwater School is where parents, students, teachers, community, and staff members think, work, and act with compassion to promote excellence in education for all children before, during, and after school.

Expectations and Requirements

Goal 1:  Literacy Education; Technology Education, Core-Subject Tutorials

Objective:  Students will increase their skills and achievement levels in literacy, technology, math and science to meet and/or exceeds state and local standards.

Goal 2:  Drug and Violence Prevention Activities

Objective:  Students and families will learn about prevention strategies leading to a reduction in drug and alcohol use, abuse, and violence in the school and at home.

Goal 3:  Recreational, Athletic, Music, Arts and Cultural Enrichment

Objective:  Students will develop skills in a variety of athletic and creative activities and will develop an appreciation for music, arts and culture in an enjoyable and safe setting.

Goal 4:  Parent Training, Child Care, Family Support, Employment Training, and Community Service

Objective:  Families will become empowered to participate in their child's education while improving self sufficiency and employability skills.

Goal 5:  Nutrition & Health Programs

Objective:  Students and families will have access to good nutrition and health care and information through a variety of collaborating health organizations.