Mission Statement


The Eureka County School Board, teacher, administrators, and school staff believe that every student can learn and achieve. It is the purpose of the School Board, teachers, administrators, and staff, with the support of the parents/guardians, to teach, guide, and assist students toward acquiring skills in academic, occupational, and social areas. We feel these skills are essential for choosing success and making positive contributions to society.

Student Learning Goals

To achieve this purpose the following learning goals have been established:

Demonstrate competency as a predetermined level in the academic areas of language arts, mathematics, social science, physical education, and the fine and practical arts.

Demonstrate ability to analyze and evaluate various forms of information for decision making, problem solving, independent thinking, and critical thinking.

Demonstrate respect and sensitivity for the relationships, cultural heritages, values, beliefs, and lifestyles of others.

Demonstrate what is meant by concept of self and self-esteem.

Demonstrate how citizens can achieve peaceful change through use of the democratic process.

Demonstrate the ability to understand and appreciate technology.

Demonstrate the ability to identify principles of a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.

Demonstrate willingness and ability to work with others.

Demonstrate the ability to make and pursue career choices.

Demonstrate pride in individual excellence.

Teaching Goals

To accomplish the District's purpose and student learning goals, the faculty will:

Prepare and implement a variety of teaching methods which have been consistently proven in the classroom.

Teach lessons which involve and challenge students while taking student readiness into account.

Communicate effectively with parents/guardians, staff and administration.

Maintain classroom environment which stimulates student learning and self-discipline.